Who am I?

Hi, I'm Bob McGurty

I am a professional life coach specializing in personal growth, relationship and career coaching and maintain a private coaching consultation practice in Rogersville, Missouri.

In addition to being a professional Life Coach, I also travel extensively, especially to Calcutta, India. I work with an organization called Calcutta Mercy Ministries which is focused on feeding, educating, and medically assisting in the greater Calcutta area.

I have lived much of my adult life overseas (15 years in Bangladesh 8 in India; 3 while in the U.S. Air Force in England). I am a communicator (think story teller), networker and mentor. I am married to Twyla and have two sons, Bobby (died at age 32) and Josiah. Twyla is a nurse specializing in Mothers and newborns and Josiah is a computer networker.

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I often use the words process and content to describe the role of a coach and the one being coached. You already have the needed content, in fact you are the content, it is within you. My role, as a guide is to help you with the process of accessing the content. It may be through some of the tools (more than 19 of them) we use to help you understand yourself. These include your values, wirings, your talents and heart and drivers.

There may be occasions when you prefer to just have me give you an answer or tell you what to do. My response, normally, is simply to be the process to help you access the content. This approach is based on the belief that you need to become the best you possible, that the answer is within you, and the best value add I can bring is to help you access the content. You may hire me as a coach for a long time, or a very short time. Regardless, you need to develop yourself and have your own content and strength and capacity, with or without me.

I will be the best possible guide. I will do all I can to help you succeed and thrive, your success is my success.

Developing a strategic life plan that will successfully enrich your life both personally and professionally

My Approach

There are four words that best describe my approach: person, problem, content, and process.

Person vs. Problem

Coaching involves coaching the person, not the problem. If I can help you to better understand yourself; your wirings, your capacities and your drivers; then you have the sharpened tools to deal with the problems you face, with or without me. This does not mean problems are ignored; rather they are opportunities to learn more about you and how you are designed to overcome issues and create opportunities for yourself.

Content vs. Process

All content is within you. I am not coaching you to teach or show you new things - just helping you understand who you are and what is already inside you. I am simply a guide helping you process the content and issues in your life. There may be times when you will directly ask me what you should do and I may respond by saying “you are the content, I am the process”. The answer is within you and my role will be to help you with the processes to find or understand the solution by the content you already have. The benefit is you become empowered to succeed with or without coaching.

Life Coaching

Success in your personal and professional life is just one step away

Develop a strategic life plan

Take a two-day retreat to map out your life with a coach guiding you as you reflect on the past, assess the present and dream for the future. The end result is a 30-page personalized playbook based on over 19 different tools that will bring clarity and success in your personal and professional life.

Get Unstuck Faster

Sometimes we know what to do but it never gets done. Other times, we are stuck or confused and need someone to guide us out of our situation and toward the goal. The main purpose of our coaching is to build you up to go further and accomplish more than you ever dreamed: Your success is our success.

Enjoy success

As you work your playbook, you will find the tasks that you have reserved for ‘some-day’ are getting done (write a book, start a side-hustle, open a business, plan your legacy) and you are working smarter (not harder) and enjoying life.

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