Pies, aka P.I.E.S.

  When you think of pies, what comes to mind? I could have a picture of and eat almost any pie: Rhubarb, cherry, apple, pumpkin, you name it. When we lived in Bangladesh, I used to make a mango pie – use an apple pie recipe and substitute for mangoes that are not quite ripe. […]

Channeling Innovation: How Does It Happen?

Sure-Fi CEO Mark Hall (center) discusses Sure-Fi radio with engineers Chris Johnson (right) and Greg Perkins (left). “I come from a family of innovators, but in honesty, I was just looking at ways to use technology to improve the life of my family,” he says. In 2010, as the Internet of Things (IoT) and wireless […]

Why Consultants Quit Their Jobs

The talent game for big employers is changing. While firms have traditionally competed with each other for talent, now they are competing with another alternative: going independent. To better understand who is going independent and why, and what this might mean for companies, researchers conducted an online survey of 307 independent consultants and 94 traditionally […]

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