What is your ‘Opius Gloria’ ?

Opus Gloria

What’s your ‘Opus Gloria”?  Opus is the Latin word for an artistic work while gloria can be understood as frame, praise, honor, or the English word glory.

What is your artistic glory? What do you want people to remember you for? And how will you get there?

Imagine for a moment we are attending your funeral. Yeah, I know it’s kind of weird – but work with it. You are the funeral. Family members are there, close friends, and some people you were sure would never show up!

What does the conversation sound like, what are they saying about you. The microphone is open and they come up to the platform one by one. What are the saying about you, who you were, what you meant to them, what kind of person you were?

I remember a number of years ago doing this exercise with a colleague. His response was ‘He mattered’. His opus gloria was to know that, in life, he mattered. That others felt as though his life mattered.

A similar way of asking the same question: If you were the one to write your tombstone, what would it say? There are lots of unique tombstones out there:

Whatta ride

I Emma Ghost

No mourning please

I told you I was sick

Game Over

I made it

One Way do not enter

If you’re into tombstones, check these out

If you want really funny ones including one from Rodney Dangerfield, check this out!

While my family has never asked me this question and I have not left any instructions or requests, I think I would write ‘Dancer who danced upon injustice’. Yep, that’s me. My opus gloria, the conversation I want others to say about me at my funeral, is that I addressed injustice.

What is your opus gloria? Yes it might sound a little morbid or make you uncomfortable to think about, here’s why it is a good idea. All that you do and who you are right now, is you at your core, your legacy. As a life coach, I challenge you to think about your opus gloria and the steps and decisions you need to make to achieve your best opus gloria.

If I can help you as you consider your legacy through the lens of your Opus Gloria and you need some additional perspective,  I would love to talk with you about your Opus Gloria, let’s connect! 

Lastly, I love the fact that I get to provide you with gifts every week. We are providing you a most amazing gift, free weekly book summaries that you can watch or listen to. This week we’ve got 3 new book summaries for you that you can watch or listen to – all you need to do is sign up for our newsletter 

Here are the books for this week:

Giftology by John Ruhlin (watch on Monday-Tuesday)
This book is all about creating a great gifting strategy and how you can use it to grow your business.
If you want to fight through the noise, fills a primal need in all of your prospects to feel important, and turn into raving fans and advocates for your business, this book is for you.

Peak by Anders Ericsson (watch on Wednesday-Thursday)
The biggest misconception in self-improvement is that “practice makes perfect.” This simply isn’t true. Practice, if you are not being deliberate, just makes things permanent.
Deliberate practice, on the other hand, has well-defined, specific goals.  It also requires feedback and correcting your mistakes. Learn all about what it is and how to do it in this fascinating summary.

Great by Choice by Jim Collins (watch on Friday-Sunday)
In a methodology similar to Good To Great, Collins and his team studied companies that were in industries where there was a constant state of change, and found that there were some companies that outperformed the marketplace by a significant margin.
He called these the 10x companies, because they all had outperformed their “industry index” by more than 10 times over the span of the study. In fact, on average, the 10x companies outperformed the marketplace as a whole by 32 times.

Every week I will provide you some more information on what a life plan is and how you can check out this incredible opportunity – thanks for your visit!


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